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The Green Cosmos Zambia abbreviated as ( GRECO) is a registered NGO, that is dedicated to providing "Green Services" in Zambia, actively participating in global efforts to combat climate change. Our primary focus is driven by Sustainable Development Goals 13. We strongly advocate for Climate awareness, conducting impact assessments, facilitating local-led adaptation, disaster risk action, and implementing mitigation strategies related to climate change across communities in Zambia.

In line with SDG 1 and 4 We empower and support volunteers in driving educational initiatives and promoting the adoption of sustainable practices among communities and businesses as well as addressing food insecurity

Our team comprises diverse volunteers from various backgrounds, ranging from high school students to seasoned professionals in industries such as natural gas, painting, and agriculture. While some possess advanced degrees and have dedicated their careers to climate change research, others are passionate individuals eager to contribute positively. Despite these differences, we are united by our shared commitment to raising awareness and advocating for a greener, healthier future.

Recognized for initiatives like our "Keep Zambia Green and Clean" campaign, which has earned accolades from influential Zambian figures like Vice President Mrs. Mutale Nalumango and Dr. Gabriel Pollen, we recognize the ongoing imperative for climate action. Green Cosmos has developed innovative green projects aimed at addressing environmental degradation and reducing global emissions. However, we firmly believe that environmental protection is a collective endeavor.

Therefore, guided by the SDG 17 we actively seek collaboration with Zambian residents, local businesses, governmental bodies, neighboring countries, and international stakeholders to foster a sustainable and harmonious future.


Our Environmental Awareness Campaign:

Green Cosmos Zambia is spreading awareness by educating communities about the far-reaching effects of climate change and emphasize the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding our environment for future generations.

Mitigation Strategies for a Greener Future:

We advocate for the adoption of sustainable practices and innovative technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing environmental degradation. As we strive to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment for all.

Adaptation Measures for Climate Resilience:

Recognizing the urgent need to adapt to the impacts of climate change, Green Cosmos Zambia actively promotes the implementation of adaptation measures. These measures are designed to help communities and businesses better cope with the challenges posed by extreme weather events and shifts in agricultural patterns.

Collaboration with Stakeholders for Collective Impact:

Our initiative emphasizes collaboration with local businesses and government agencies to develop and implement climate-resilient policies and practices. By working together with stakeholders, we aim to build a stronger, more resilient Zambia that is better equipped to face the challenges of climate change.

Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future:

At Green Cosmos Zambia, we believe that by empowering communities and stakeholders, we can effectively address the challenges posed by climate change. Through collective action and collaboration, we are working towards building a more sustainable and resilient future for Zambia and beyond.

Join us in our mission to create positive change for our planet and future generations.

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Our Team

Martin Mulenga

CEO and Founder

Poniso Evans Poniso Project Manager

Chileshe Mulenga

Chief Finance Director

Beatrice Mumbi

Research Officer

Kwasila Nthaka Operations Manager

Sankananji Mweene Planning Officer

Glory Muchaanga Logistics Manager

Cornelius Mulenga Human Resource Officer

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